Aranya Prathet to Poi Pet: the crossing

Spent today moving over from Thailand to Cambodia, I have been in three minibuses, two public buses and queued for four hours. I got scammed at the border for a pitiful 6 dollars but I was too tired to even care. And now I am finally in Cambodia. It is nice to be away from the neon coloured hustle of Bangkok. It’s hot and dusty but that makes that first splash into the pool that much sweeter.

Top five things I can’t cope with when travelling
-people with horrendous BO, you know you’re going to be in a confined space with other, be fair now, seriously, wash.
-having to listen to people go on ( high pitched American girl discussing her amazing and spiritual experiences and how cheap Oreos are, I mean you!)
– waiting for no apparent thing.
– stopping off at 3 different “comfort” stops where you are forced out of the bus and hassled to buy things.
– the man reading this over my shoulder ( yeah, look away awkwardly)

( ok I read this back and I may have been slightly grumpy earlier on the 14 hour bus journey.)

Am staying at a gorgeous hostel, called the Siem Reap Hostel. Works out as £4.30 a night to stay in an ensuite 6 bed dorm with beautiful facilities, indoor pool, great staff, cheap bar and close enough to get to the centre easily without having to hear it all night long.

So I’m finally in Cambodia. A land of Incredible architecture, cheap everything, Khmer food, rice paddies, rolling fields, beautiful beaches and the ongoing fear of being blown up by a long forgotten land mine.

Hint- if you want to not get scammed like I was (honestly was too tired to care) make sure you only buy your visa at the actual visa office. It’s the main part where essentially every sign is directing you. Do not buy them from the fake ( but very official looking) office outside, “comfort breaks” or convenient seeming polite restaurant staff. convenient seeming and polite restaurant staff.


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