Doha or anywhere: the start

Today is the start of my pre Christmas backpacking break flying into Bangkok and travelling into and around Cambodia.
I’m currently sitting in an air port lounge in Doha, do you know where that is? Well, it’s in Quatar of course, still not a clue? Well then you have the same level of geographical education as me. I don’t have a bloody clue where Doha is. I suppose you can be excused, my situation is particularly ridiculous as I am in Quatar and know next to nothing about the country except it appears to be a bit Middle Easty based on the duty free being absolutely packed out with camels. It is stupid being in a country I have no idea where it is but on the up or down side I have the next eight and a half hours to get intimately acquainted with Dohas transfer terminal.
Some people can sleep in the most impressive places, I’m trying really hard to snake my legs round the adjacent empty seats on a bench but I’ve already slipped off once and made a bit of a twat of myself. Couple of Aussies that just got kicked out of the children’s soft play area had found an incredibly comfy looking spot on a plush elephant and there is a man sleeping on a briefcase in the mosque room.

Top five places I would rather be than Doha

– Bangkok already
-in a hammock made of memory foam on a beach
-on my next bloody plane
-being romanced by Channing Tatum Ryan Reynolds Chris Hemsworth
– mostly anywhere other than bloody Doha



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