Koh Rong I love you


I’m finally by the beach. I have sand between my toes and a grin on my face. I’m on the gorgeous little island of Koh Rong off of Sihanoukville, it feels like the last island of the hippy backpacker.
There is limited electricity, only cold showers, no air con or 7/11s and beach barbecues and drugs everywhere. Koh Rong is the closest I’ve found to the desert island paradise that the Alex Garland inspired backpacker dreams of. Wooden huts border the sand with cheap and cheerful dorm rooms for travellers.
I’m staying on the Island Boys hostel which at £3.70 a day with three free beer tokens daily, seems like a bit of a steal.

Got here on an overnight sleeping bus from Siem Reap for $18 which was almost a comfortable journey, it was nice having a bit of wiggle room. The journey was a bit bizarre, inside your double bed curtained pod with a total stranger if your travelling alone and a strange Cambodian soft porno playing in the background. Got into Sihanoukville nice and early and was taken to Ocheautal beach.
After first impressions of Sihanoukville, along with my new friends, Dutch mother and son team Jeff and Viddeah we powered through on the boat straight to koh rong rather than spend the night in Sihanoukville.

I’m so glad we did, beach barbecue with grilled prawns, cheap beers, white sands and pure relaxation listening to the crash of the waves.

Prices I paid
VIP sleeper bus from Siem reap to Sihanoukville $18
Return boat journey from Sihanoukville to Koh Rong -$20
Dorm bed at Island Boys -$6
Beach barbecue at Lazy Gecko- $3.50
Draft beer- $1


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