Breakdown of Koh Rong


The stunning view as you arrive on Koh Rong

Getting there- ferry
Absolutely miserable in wet weather as on my journey back to Sihanoukville but really nice if it’s sunny and you don’t have anyone hangover hurling off the side. Book from anywhere in Sihanoukville for $10.
I stayed at Island Boys which is six dollars a night. I loved the hostel and the guys running it were brilliant and a lot of fun, that said, it’s bloody loud. As long as people are drinking, the bar stays open so if you aren’t up for an all night party it may not be the hostel for you. But if you are then all guests receive three free beers a day so that’ll get you on your way.
Boat trips
Can be organised through Cocos for a half day of snorkelling, fishing and watching the sunset from Long beach. You also get to eat what you catch ( or what the guides catch) so essentially a free dinner. Don’t be surprised to have fourteen year old driving your boat. $10
La Mami on the pier does some amazing Italian food but the limoncello will incinerate your eosophagus. Laura who runs it is ace.
Best pizza does $8 pizza with unlimited toppings and is genuinely good pizza.
Loads of bars do a $5 barbecue but for me the Island Boys was the best. Really good and massive portions.
If you’re strapped for cash ( or even if you aren’t) there are food stalls if you head left off of the main pier. The first lady on the left does some really tasty noodle soups for a dollar and the fruit stall opposite is a winner for fruit shakes and iced coffee.
Everywhere is pretty significantly cheap and has happy hours ranging through the day. Lazy Gecko has incredibly strong drinks with cocktails two for $3 and also (in my opinion only and at the time of writing) undoubtedly the fittest bar men.
Monkey Island has the only cider on the island which is Savannah dry, which was exciting at the time but the mojito there was heartbreaking in its rubbishness.


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