A Pnomh Penh night out.

DSCF2394                             Looking significantly inebriated after a few cocktails

My main problem with the alcohol over here is that it’s so cheap. I’m quintessentially northern and therefore, tight. My drinking is monitored by not wanting to bankrupt myself. I usually finish up when I’ve spent too much but that really isn’t an issue here.

We went out for food originally at the Herb Cafe on street 258. The food was beaut but it’s the cocktails that were the big draw. Best I’ve had in Asia and probably the UK too.

Favourite Herb Garden cocktails

Basil and pineapple martini
Pnomh penh sling
Mango frozen daiquiri

Then we tried monkey bar, which made a decent amaretto sour.

Then we decided on Love bar, because by now we were after some dancing. The cocktails are cheap and strong so we wanted some loud music. At this point due in no small part to the previous cocktails, tequila shots and shared jug of sangria I become a bit forgetful about cocktail names.

Top Love bar cocktails

That yummy passion fruity one
One that had gin, raspberries and fizzy wine
Flirty Love (remember name as found it hilarious to ask for)

We danced, met friends from Koh Rong, had the most incredible tuk tuk pizza near Pontoon and got invited to a Cambodian wedding.

Good night! Today though, is significantly less fun.


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