Koh Rong to Pnomh Penh and a penniless Jess

Finally dragged myself away from the delights of Koh Rong after nearly a week of beach heaven. Wearing shoes and real clothes is heartbreaking and the painful wrench from island life to reality was made more fun by a lack of buses and the necessity of sleeping in the aisles of a sleeper bus, eventually more money was extorted and seats were made available on an over priced, late and sans air con bus.

So After a delightfully stressful journey from Sihanoukville to Pnomh Penh with the lovely Alice & Ava, I found myself in Pnomh Penh, without cash.

Paid a tuktuk to take me on a tour of the local ATMs to no avail and found myself in Cambodia with a blocked card and no funds, relying fully on the kindliness of the aforementioned Ava and Alice without whom I surely would of been begging on street corners or at least in he foetal position freaking out about being penniless. Thank god, they were here, I ended up paying for my tuktuk with pounds, baht and riel and having to send an open Facebook status imploring Facebook friends to get my mum to contact my bank. Bit of a nightmare really.

But all is well, the bank has finally unlocked my card and I can now access money again.

Celebrated with a great meal at the Vegetarian and went and soaked up the air con at The Flicks movie house and watched Populaire.



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