Pnomh Penhs killing fields & the S-21 museum

DSCF2381Stark contrast to the frivolity I’ve so far experienced in Cambodia.

The killing fields are truly a harrowing experience. The entry fee of $6 gives you access to a electronic headset with an interactive tour of the area. It’s a really good service that gives you a great sense of the area and it’s history. The tour includes stories history and first hand testimonials about life under the Khmer Rouge.

I’ve never visited somewhere as upsetting really. Some of the facts given about the area are truly shocking. At one point the guide directs your attention to the innocuous looking sugar palm trees. It then tells you about the way the Khmer Rouge soldiers used the hard edges of the tree fronds to slit prisoners throats so as not to waste bullets.

Some books that have also helped me to understand more about Cambodias civil war and genocide were Pol Pot- brother number one and First they killed my father by Loung Ung.

I don’t think good or enjoyed are the right words to describe this day. It was enlightening, interesting and humbling and I am very glad I did it as it made me a lot more aware of Cambodia’s tragic history. I’d very much reccomend a visit to the killing fields in Pnomh Penh. The effect it has on a person is more than I have the ability to describe eloquently. It’s shocking, heartbreaking and makes you feel incredibly lucky and privileged.


2 responses to “Pnomh Penhs killing fields & the S-21 museum

  1. there’s a few other good books about the killing fields as well, like “Music Through the Dark: A Tale of Survival in Cambodia” by Kravanh and LaFreniere, and “When Broken Glass Floats” by Him.

    both deeply moving/tragic/necessary memoirs that have helped deepen my understanding of cambodia’s history.


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