Sen Monorem, lovely.

20131207-195928.jpg                                                          Sen Monorem falls

After a rather hectic minibus ride with around twenty people and six crates of chickens in a minibus designed for twelve I arrived from Kratie to Sen Monorem. I was met at the “bus station” by a lady advertising the tree lodge guest house and ushering me into her Volvo. I obliged and found myself staying in a gorgeous en suite private tree house for $3 dollars a night, around £1.80, I can’t get a 20131207-200609.jpgsandwich for that at home.

Sen Monorom the town has, on initial appearance, little to appeal, but the laid back atmosphere at the Tree Lodge was perfect and I had the best nights sleep I can remember.

Today with Dutch Nina, Czech Molen and French Julian and Max we walked to Sen Monolem waterfall. I wasn’t quite as brave as the crazy French men and unwilling to jump from the top of the high waterfall, mostly because of an image of my Dads disapproving face if i had to call him from a hospital. But the cool water and shady grove we sat in was gorgeous.

Walking back we heard some truly awful Cambodian karaoke and were invited to celebrate Mr Li’s birthday with him and his family and friends, we had beers, some spicy leaf stuff and were forced to dance awkwardly around a table. His singing was truly terrible but the experience was good. I’m an awkward dancer at the best of times so jigging round a table, stone cold sober at 3pm to Ca20131207-200319.jpgmbodian pop was pretty embarrassing.


Have booked a trek and camping in the jungle for tomorrow.




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