Get me to the wedding


So I’d met Mary in Pnomh Penh on a boozy night out and was invited to her uncles wedding in the less visited province of Kompong Chnang.

With Nina who I had been with since Sen Monorem we made the long journey south to get to Kompong Chnang to see a traditional Khmer wedding.
We spent nine hours on a bus to Pnomh Penh then another three hours heading to Kompong Chnang, by the time we got there it was late so we found a hostel and crashed out, ready to get up early and meet Mary for the wedding.

Now, in hindsight the fault lays partly with me. Mary had emailed me saying to be in her town for Sunday 9th. For me, days of the week are essentially meaningless when I’m traveling, so I was heading to a wedding on the 9th. Sadly, Sunday the 9th does not exist and the wedding was on Sunday 8th of December. Balls.DSCF2485

So we had made this epic trek only to miss the wedding and end up in the sleepy town of Kompong Chnang with really not very much to do. We visited Mary’s home, but she had to get back to Pnomh Penh for work leaving her with her lovely, but slightly confused family.

Mary’s uncle Darra very kindly took us on a tour of the town, we saw he Khmer Rouge airfield, surrounding rice paddies and the Vietnamese floating village which we explored in a wooden boat a little later.


So we completely missed the wedding, all we saw was the cleanup operation and the drawn faces of those who had been partying til the early hours. It wasn’t the day that I was expecting, but it was actually pretty good anyway. I saw a slice of really Khmer culture and family, met some lovely people! Saw the temples and Vietnamese village and actually had a really good day. Even though both me and Mary are shit at dates.


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