I Kampot believe how great this place is

Oh I do love a good pun.

Kampot is lovely, and completely not what I expected. A relaxed coastal river town with a really laid back vibe, but with lots to see and do if you can tear yourself from your riverside hammock.
I stayed at Naga house and I would completely reccomend it if you visit Kampot. The people are great and the bar staff are amazing. I sound embarrassingly white middle class kid turned hippy when I throw out the word vibe, but genuinely it’s the vibe at Naga house that is unbeatable. Chenda is the best thing in the place, on my first night I was hungover and knackered but I stayed up (was forced to) until 3am, drinking on the boat, laying in the road watching the stars and trying the infamous Jenny’s finger shot. Which in short, is a drink where your finger is dipped in alcohol, lit on fire then you suck in the fumes, it’s delicious.

On motorbikes twelve of us from the hostel set out to explore Bokor national park, I was spared getting lost or running out of gas or indeed smashing into the tarmac by going on the back of Jenny (or Chenda)’s bike.
The park is genuinely gorgeous, we spent the day visiting the waterfalls, the casino and abandoned French colonial settlement at the top of the mountains. That was what we managed to squeeze in between losing each other, searching for people and running out of gas.

Survivors photo of trip to Bokor national park

Survivors photo of trip to Bokor national park

The church is incredibly eery, abandoned and left to grow a coating of red moss, it’s quite a

Bokor church graffiti

Bokor church graffiti

creepy place. This was not helped as a guy from the hostel jumped out on me and made me scream my head off and shout wanker in a church, which is why I will now be exempt from Heaven. The acoustics though are excellent, it was very very loud.

Tha abandoned French church at the top of Bokor national park

Tha abandoned French church at the top of Bokor national park

I obviously stocked up on Kampot pepper, went on an actually really cool sunset firefly cruise, partied at Bodhis on Friday and hurt my spine with an ill advised drunken night time backflip dive into the river. Swimming bar to bar was a bit of a highlight, I was very impressed with the drunken English guy who flopped onto the Naga deck, pulled out a sodden $10 note and got a round of beers before his swim back to his hostel.

In short, go to Kampot. Stay at Naga house, have dinner at the Rusty Keyhole, try not to smash yourself up on a motorbike and have an alround excellent time.

And you must, of course, try the infamous Jenny Finger Shot.

Cost of Kampot
Dorm room at Naga – $3
The best chocolate milkshake in Cambodia at The Rusty Keyhole- $1.50
Captain Chims firefly tour – $5
Jenny’s Finger Shot- $2


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