I’m going to Kep going with the excellent name puns


Kep is dreary, or at least it was when I arrived. I was going to write a little about Kep, but there isn’t much to write that’s interesting. So instead I will tell you about my dinner.

The best meal I have had, possibly ever. Worth coming to Kep, hell, worth coming to Cambodia full stop.
Treia at the crab market, crabs sautéed in fresh green pepper with onions and green capsicum. Bloody life changingly good.

After a vague attempt at being civilised and ladylike (impossible when eating crab, I mean you are literally ripping it apart with your bare hands) I devolved into a savage beast. Tearing legs and slurping flesh from claws. I was on my own in a restaurant, with a crab massacre ground piled up in front of me, looming over them like a gravy covered lone soldier turned feral and flesh hungry.

Actually amazing, puts the fact that my hostel was crap and it rained to the back of my mind, because I had the best crab in Kep.

Words sexiest crab dinner $6.50


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