Rabbit Island . . .


. . . Or as I shall now call it RAbbiT Island

After a relatively up eventful night in Kep, apart from the crab, you must read about the amazing crab. I headed over to Rabbit island, a wifi-free, limited electricity island with no roads, no hotels just beach, forest hammocks and sea. I spent a delightful day not moving from my hammock unless to swim in the gorgeous blue waters, apply more sun cream or buy myself another coconut. In my private beachfront bungalow I headed in early for a nice long, lazy sleep to catch up from the last few days.

Ooh what’s that all over my mosquito net? It wasn’t there when I went to sleep, maybe it’s all the bugs that this excellent mosquito net has saved me from. No, it’s mounds and mounds of rat shit. Oh Christ.
Made the decision for what I’m doing today pretty easy. I’m an easy going traveller but the idea of rats swarming all over my room while I’m sleeping is more than I can deal with. So just one night on the bunny isle. Then moving on. I’m home for Christmas in six days so I still want to see a little more of Cambodia. Preferably without rat shit.

Apart from the infested room, rabbit island was lovely, nice place to take it easy after the fast paced last few weeks. Amazingly cheap seafood too, and very very good. Not best-crab-of-my-life good, but some pretty excellent fish nonetheless.

While rabbit island is nice, I wouldn’t really recommend it as somewhere to visit on your own. It’s not the most social island. I’m sure this totally depends on when you go, but for me was a lot more suitcase tourist families than backpackers. Of course, if rats are your thing, you’ll have an absolute ball.

Cost for Rabbit island
Return boat ride $10
Rat infested bungalow $5
Amazing fish dinner $4
Coconut $1



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