Smokin’ Pot in Battambang

I’d taken cooking classes in Thailand before and wanted to do one in Cambodia seeing as I’ve been enjoying the food so much. I was in quite a grumpy mood as I got to the class. For some reason while travelling you can find towns completely full of couples. French couples, Dutch couples, German couples, American couples, English couples, Korean couples ALL the couples of the world. Or at least that’s how it feels. It can make me feel quite lonely and often these coupley couples are heavily into each other and the amazing trip they’re having and not really as up for socialising as other people travelling. Not all of the time, you do get some awesome couples, but for me Battambang was feeling like a town not designed for groups of one. Singles unwelcome.
So of course as I arrived at the cooking class it was with two couples, Dutch and French. It was also early in the morning which doesn’t tend to add to my overall pleasant demeanour. So yes, I was very grumpy. This only grew as I watched couples spoon feeding and hand stroking over the woks as I was left with the teacher to discuss the merits of fish sauce over oyster sauce in the cooking of a lok lak.

I learned how to make a delicious lok lak, curry paste from scratch and got to devour my culinary creations. Even with the international PDA I did enjoy the cooking, let’s be honest, I love most things about food, the cooking and especially the eating.

Smokin’ Pot is one of the longest established cooking school in Battambang. And it is genuinely really good ( even if your all alonesome with loved up couples). The day starts with a tour round the local market, interesting and intriguing fruit and bloody butchering of fish you will cook and eat later. The class is 9-12:30 and the cost of the class includes everything you cook, a drink and a recipe book to take away with you.

Cooking class at Smokin’ Pot – $10




2 responses to “Smokin’ Pot in Battambang

    • The food is just incredible though. I loved the diversity of Cambodian dishes. No wonder they take so long to make! They taste amazing.
      Thanks for your comment 🙂


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