A late update and resolutions for 2014


So I haven’t written since Cambodia. After arriving back in England I was thrust head first into the sugar glazed season of overwhelming vats of food and visiting every person that you know or have ever met. I had a truly lovely family Christmas, the first in a couple of years and spent the festive season apparently thinking I was a bear getting ready to hibernate, a problem I have to now deal with as all my clothes are tight and my chins have multiplied at an alarming rate.
I haven’t written that much about my time at home but I’m back and will start making more regular updates. The big thing that has happened while I’ve been offline is that I have my new plan for the next six months. I’m heading to Colombia to teach for Berlitz. After a series of interviews in Cambodia and at home I got the position living and teaching in Bogota Colombia. I cannot wait.

I won’t depress you with my sofa- bound New Year’s Eve party of one where the first person I wished happy new year to was my Labrador but I’m going to spend a little time on my New Years Resolutions.

Learn Spanish
This was actually already one of my aims for 2014 but now with the move to South America it makes even more sense. It seems ridiculous to love to travel as much as I do and not speak any other languages.
Learn to play just one song on the guitar
I want to be able to whack out a guitar and strum out just one tune! It drives me crazy that I can play nothing but the very first bit of the bass line to smoke on the water. I want to be the cool kid in the hostel, just once.
Lose three stone
This one, the inevitable weight loss resolution has been solidly on my resolutions list since I was about thirteen and getting jeans over my fat arse first became an issue. I know it’s ridiculous to try and motivate yourself to lose weight because it’s January 1st rather than the fact that your flesh moves independently to your body or the fact that running makes you feel like you’re dying, but it’s on here nonetheless.
Keep better relationships with the people I love
Friends, family it’s easier and easier these days to fall out of touch and lose close relationships. I really want to keep the people I care about closer to me while I try and diminish my long standing overly close and all pervading relationship with chocolate.
Find a nice boy
It doesn’t have to be the boy, but I think I’m due a nice one for a change.
Write more
Self explanatory with my increasingly intermittent blog posts.

Be amazed as often as possible
Live as fully as I can and experience all that I can. I’m very lucky, I should appreciate it and take advantage of it more.

So yeah, that’s my 2014 resolution wish list. Or at least what I’d like to achieve in the next year. I also want to travel and do lots of cool things but that seems pretty obvious.

I hear a lot of new year, new me bullshit this time of year. I’m not really going for that, I’m flipping (bit of mum friendly editing there) fabulous.

More of the same please 2014.


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