Boston is wicked awesome

. . . A seven hour flight to snowy, cloudy, plane-grounding Boston later

Delightful Delta debilitating weather delays lead to an afternoon exploring Boston and a luxurious night in the Logan airport Hilton Hotel. After yesterday’s McHotel the deep plush of the bed, tantalising array of toiletries and free food vouchers had me in convulsions of joy. I was actually loathe to leave my lovely lovely Hilton to get on the subway and visit Boston. A city characterised my lobsters and the phrase wicked awesome as far as I can work out from the souvenier shops.

I love Boston, it’s beautiful and vibrant. The city was freezing and wet when I arrived. But it still has such a good atmosphere. It seemed to have everything you need in a big city, with huge buildings, giant storefronts and bumper to bumper traffic but with a distinctly friendly, relaxed small town feeling.
Bostonians are so lovely! People are incredibly friendly. They put the English to shame with their smiling welcomes, in fact I may want to move to Boston and marry a big happy trolley driver. My big happy trolley driver was brilliant, he invited me onboard to get me out of the rain and as well as two New Yorkers, showed me the sights of Boston. I visited the market, ate clam chowder, bought Red Sox tat and got caught in a snow and lightning storm. It was a great unexpected afternoon adventure.

Now I plan on luxuriating in a large bubble bath and getting a very early night to make the most of most likely the best bed I will experience for at least six months.
I’m definitely making the most of this inconvenience.

Delta Airline
Also I just have to commend the amazing Delta staff. They were incredibly sweet and helpful, took pity on me, booked me a new flight, hotel and filled my pockets up with free chocolate.



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