Things I hate about people- flying edition


Top three things that make me want to punch people in the back of the heads in airports.

Queuing for ages to get onto a flight that has assigned seating.
Why sitting on a cramped and grounded plane for forty minutes so much more preferable to sitting in an airport lounge for the same amount of time I will never know.

Shouting at staff for things outside of their control.
You can’t fly due to poor weather? Hmm well that’s probably for your own safety rather than someone else’s incompetence. No, you’re right, I’m sure shouting at the air hostess who is trying to rearrange your flight for you will clear up all the fog.

Getting all up in the baggage carousels business
Ok, so there’s a nice black line around where I should stand for the baggage carousel. I guess if I stand there I can easily see the length of the carousel, be able to spot my bag as it’s coming then casually step forward and grab it off into all the available space and then move out of the way for other people. Nah, I think I will get two trolleys and my entire family to stand right up against the metal directly where the bags come out.

It didn’t quite make the list, but also the people who refuse the little tiny bags of peanuts when I am quite obviously sat next to you salivating as my teeny tiny bag of peanuts failed to satiate me. You are bad people, give the fat girl your peanuts. She wants them.


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