Coming to Colombia


Buenos! I’m finally in Colombia. After what feels like months of organising, I am actually here in Bogota.

Well it’s been an incredibly hectic first few days here. I’ve now been in Colombia for three days. I’ve sorted out a place to live, tried some awesome food and almost kind of sort of can understand how to get buses around the city. The money is still confusing and I’m feeling the lack of any Spanish language skills quite acutely, but I am enjoying it.
I think one of the best things about being here, compared to living in China is the fact that although I can’t speak Spanish yet I’m not immediately noticeable as a foreigner. I’m bigger than the typical curvy colombian lady and don’t have the gorgeous skin tone but at least I’m not freakishly tall, wide and white like I was in China. Overall I’m feeling much less of a sore thumb.
There are four other teachers who are going to be starting at the same time as me. The other girl, a Canadian called Tamiko, already found a pretty nice place to live by the time I arrived so I jumped on and will be living with her which is great. I do like Canadians, so polite! I had almost forgotten the incredibly Dick Van Dyke English accents North Americans seem to feel the need to affect in my presence. Actually, I’ve quite missed it.
The only other Brit I have met is weirdly, very weirdly, from UEA ( my old university) and studied my course at the same time I did, very very strange. The other teachers are both lovely also hailing from Montenegro and Albania respectively. It’s a really fun group to be with and the training seems to be going well. Well apart from the fact that I spent most of the first session feeling like I was going to pass out or throw up. Hmm, I thought I was being careful but apparently something doesn’t agree with me, personally I think it’s the 5am start. I am in no way a morning person although I think that will have to change as I may have classes during the week from 6am. Ugh.

Top five new favourite things about Bogota
Ciclovia- on Sunday mornings and occasional public holidays several of the main roads in Bogota are closed to cars. Which means they become full of cyclists, joggers, dogs and grown ass people on roller skates. I cannot wait to buy some skates.
The lovely lovely people.– the first day I was here Tamiko, met up with a friend she had met briefly in Canada. Cesar and his brother Sebastian gave us a tour of the city, bought us drinks and hookah and were some of the most open and friendly people you could meet. All the Colombians I have met so far have been really friendly. I think I’m going to like Colombia!
Mangostinos– oh my god mangostinos. They are little purple fruits that crack open to show what look like slimy garlic cloves but all sweet and delicious. It’s going to upset me not being able to buy them in Tesco.
Strong coffee– I feel like Juan Valdez Cafe is going to become my new favourite place. So much better than Starbucks.
A seeming complete disregard for the calorie content of food– cheese and cream everywhere, reduced condensed milk toffee joy. Rich hot chocolate, churro, roasted fat. Expect many upcoming food posts.


2 responses to “Coming to Colombia

  1. I still haven’t done that yet! Shamefully my Sunday mornings so far seem to be reserved for sleeping off Saturday nigh excesses but it sounds amazing, I wiIl have to give it a go!
    Thanks so much for your comment!


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