Being in Bogota

This week has been crazy. With training starting at 7am and not finishing until four with a night full of homework I feel like I barely had a chance to see the city I’m going to be calling home for the next few months.
Saturday was a day devoted to lazing around sleeping off the weeks hectic schedule. Well mostly the busy schedule and maybe slightly Friday nights excesses of tequila and Aguardiente. Aguardiente being a new Colombian friend, a cousin of my old bestie Tequila. Although, actually it seems that Aguardeinte can be a a bit of a bitch. Acting all awesome and fun like your new, exotic, cheaper best friend, but making you wake up feeling like you have jelly for bones and someone sawing into your skull.
So after a night of dancing and having drinks poured into my face with some new friends (who I like much more than Aguardiente) Saturday was a bit of a write off.20140303-220509.jpg
Sunday though gave me the opportunity to finally get out and about and explore a bit.
I explored, saw some of the cities amazing graffiti, went bowling and spent the evening drinking Brandy with condensed milk ( better than it sounds, think vicious Baileys) and attempting to learn some salsa steps. I do still have two left feet but I am hoping that while I’m here my Spanish and Salsa will improve at least a little. At least enough so that I can not just be the one nodding and smiling at the edge of every conversation or the one trying not to trip over my own feet while all the graceful Colombians sashay effortlessly around the dance floor.
Every day I’m loving Colombia more, it’s a shame I’m going to have to start actually working soon!




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