Being greedy in Bogota

A day without training or work meant a day spent getting used to buses and a visit to the Candelaria for me and Tamiko. As we had failed to figure in that apparently Tuesday was the day that all the museums are closed it turned into a day of wandering, eating and snap happy gringo tourist photo time.
Honestly, it was mostly eating.
I’m loving Colombian food, admittedly there aren’t many vegetables and a lot of stuff is pretty stodgy, but what red blooded meat eater could be less than delighted when presented this plate of barbecued meat for less than £5.50.

Steak, pork, and ribs with baked potatoes, fried plantain and a side of guacamole. It was pretty rustic but it definitely satiated my carnivorous side.
I haven’t really tried plantain before this trip and it is taking a bit of getting used to. Essentially a very starchy and less sweet banana it is often fried or battered and served with meat. The concept of banana and steak is something I’m weirdly coming round to.
Another weirdly delicious Colombian treat I may be falling in love with is Cola & Pola. Basically a bottle of beer mixed with cola. Absolutely odd, sweet and shandy-like, but absolutely refreshing and delicious.

Now I mentioned that last Sunday I was drinking the vicious cocktail of brandy with condensed milk. Colombians seem to love condensed milk. What in England seems to be a long forgotten, back of the food cupboard ingredient, that makes me think of baking and old fashioned desserts is widely available in Colombia. In coffee, with alcohol and even served in tiny cans that you can see kids drinking. And why not? I’d forgotten how freaking delicious condensed milk actually is. But however good condensed milk tastes it is nothing, nothing, compared to Arequipe. Oh my god, it’s so sweet and good and glorious and amazing. I have more than a bit of a sweet tooth so I can tell that if I want to still be able to ( just about :p) fit through doors when I get back to England I am going to have to avoid stalls (like below) serving Arequipe as much as humanly possible.
If you haven’t tried it then here’s a link from someone clever who can make this delicious stuff. Arequipe goodness
Try it, and I apologise about the expanding waistline and cavities in advance.


You can see the absolute joy on my chunky little face. This is arequipe served on an oblea. It’s a thin circular wafer which for around 50p the stall holder will smother with arequipe and whatever else you want; sprinkles, chocolate chips, chopped nuts, fresh fruit, cream, jams and all manner of delicious things.
I may genuinely have to buy myself two plane seats on the way home.


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