Soy profesora de Ingles- a good first day

Ok, so in general it’s hard for me to categorise a day as having been good when I woke up at 4am. If you know me personally, then I’m sure you can picture just how horrendous this was for me. If you don’t know me personally then rather than try and convince you of how much of a morning person I am not I will just show you this picture.

Yes, I woke up, rolled out of bed and accidentally used a felt tip pen to put on my eyeliner. That sums it up pretty well I think. (Quite a bitch to get off by the way).
After falling over everything in my room, poking myself hard in the face with my toothbrush and spraying perfume in my mouth I was out of the door by five and on my way to work.
I arrived at work in a zombie like state, chugged enough coffee to raise said zombie from the dead and stared blankly at my notes.
I haven’t taught for a while, more than six months really. I’ve done a bit of subbing and some esl tutoring but I haven’t really taught. I was nervous, I was scared and I was a little concerned about being so bad I would be sent on the next flight home.
Now this sounds unlike me, I’m not a live to work kinda girl. I prefer to think of myself as a work-as-much-as-you-have-to-until-you-can-piss-off-somewhere-hot type, but I had such a good day. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy esl teaching. I had a great day, at work. I know crazy!

It rained, I got wet in my boots, I couldn’t remember relative clauses and I was exhausted. In spite of all that, I had a good day.


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