Crepes & Waffles


Crepes and waffles, two beautiful words make the name of one of Colombias biggest chain restaurants. A restaurant fully dedicated to savoury and sweet crepes and big fat Belgian waffles.
I’m usually a bit suspicious of chain restaurants, I think they rarely live up to their own hype and the menu and atmosphere can be really unimaginative and soulless.
But oh Crepes and Waffles. Crepes with cheeses, meats, curry, vegetables, toffees, fruit, salad, and dare i say it? Joy.
I had the Mumbai crepe which was full of chicken curry, plump raisins, sweet sauce, yoghurt and greens. It was odd, but very tasty. And for 14,600 pesos (about £4.50) I thought it was actually pretty good. Beats a subway sandwich any day.
Look how happy I am. Why are all the photos where I look happiest involving food??


I think crepes and waffles is going to be my new obsession here in Bogota.

As well as the delicious, organic and varied menu, Crepes and Waffles has a great policy on employing workers. Crepes and waffles only employs “the heads of families” yeah, I was a bit confused by this ambiguous categorizing initially too. I was imagining bossy grandmothers and domineering 1940’s style head of household fathers. What this actually means is that the company exclusively hires women in need. Predominantly single mothers.

Some more information about the good work this brand does.

Good value, good quality food with really positive ethics behind it. It is wonderful, and I’m very impressed with it. Though I do have to admit to a sneaking suspicion, that the restaurant could be run by chauvinistic neo nazi puppy killers and I would still find it difficult to resist their dazzling and extensive array of ice creams.

Europeans, they also have restaurants in Spain. Here’s the link if you fancy trying some of their delicious and ethically produced food. If you aren’t near a branch, or on a diet, then here is a menu to use as food porn while you eat a depressingly cardboard Ryvita / pot noodle.

Crepes & Waffles



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