Feeling skinny at the Botero Museum

When you realize you’ve spent more hours gazing wonderously at the racks in Forever 21 than the cities many glorious churches and more time sat perusing sushi menus than museum exhibits it’s time to get a fast injection of culture down in Candellaria, the historic centre of Bogota.

I chose to get my culture fill by gorging on the visually delightful feast offered at the Botero museum.


Hmm, Mona Lisa looks like she let herself go. . .

Hmm, Mona Lisa looks like she let herself go. . .

“I fatten my characters to give them sensuality. I’m not interested in fat people for the sake of fat people.”

~Fernando Botero


Boteros art is in a very distinctive chubby style. From the chubby hand sculpture that greets you at the front entrance, to chubby oranges, horses, books, nudes and more. Botero plays with volume and proportion to create a simplistic sensuality in his work. He doesn’t really work with shadow and while simple isn’t the right word his paintings are bold colorful and have a accessibility that really appealed to me.




Work by Salvador Dali is also displayed. I love this baguette-headed woman.


My five most convincing reasons for visiting the Botero museum.

  • To gaze upon those chubby Botero beauties while scoping out potential chubby chasers.
    If you’re spending an extended time in Colombia and you’re a bit of a glutton like me, you might need to find a fall back option after spending solid weeks consuming predominantly rich soups, cheesy empanadas, amazing hot chocolate, sugary obleas, beer and cheese ( I seriously eat like a child left unsupervised here. Vegetables – what? -who?)
  • To appreciate the work of the self proclaimed “most Colombian of Colombian artists” now that’s pretty confident sounding boast right there but make your own decision on this one. If nothing else the art of Botero provokes debate, take a friend, argue the meaning of his work, the reasoning behind his chubbification and whether the clean lines and lack of brush strokes in his paintings bely simplicity or complexity of concept.
  • To feel cultured.  Throw around phrases like simplicity or complexity of concept in a pleasantly pretentious way that makes you feel educated and worldly before you go home and watch a New Girl tv marathon under your duvet while eating crisps & chocolate.
  • Because it is genuinely really good. I really would recommend a visit.


And finally if nothing else has convinced you . . .

  • . . . you can take a picture of yourself on the chubby giant bronze hand in the entrance pretending you are being grabbed by a giant baby. (reason alone to visit)

    Giant bronze chubbly  hand at the Botero.

    Giant bronze chubbly hand at the Botero.


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