Hot chocolate with . . . cheese!!

Just a short post today as I am currently away enjoying the beautiful sights and culinary delights of Armenia in the Quindio region, more on that when I’m back to the grind in Bogota on Monday. But for now I just had to share some pictures and the disturbing gastronomic experience I had today.

Now, this is a big delicious, creamy bowl of hot chocolate, easily one of my favourite things in the world.


Whats strange about this delicious steaming bowl of cocoa is the innocuous looking white slab squeezed in next to my chocolatey treat. That is a block of cheese. A salty, rubberyish cheese, a little like a mix between feta and halloumi but just a bit less delicious. 

The purpose of that cheese is to go IN my hot chocolate. Not to be dipped, or eaten as a delicious accompaniment, no, to be thrown into my hot chocolate and scooped out with a spoon. I really wasn’t sure how to deal with this proposal. Honestly when I had seen chocolate con queso written on menus I was expecting a blob of cream cheese maybe or even just cream with a little translation confusion on my part.


No, actual cheese, in my drink.




So I had a go of course, you never know if you don’t try and I was . . . confused.

I was expecting this bizarre pairing to open up some door to a taste sensation the likes of which I had never experienced. I have had food in the past that seemed utterly utterly wrong but when you try it seems to just make sense.  Not so with hot chocolate and cheese, it tasted like hot chocolate with some cheese dropped in. Very strange.

I am definitely not sold on the combination of two of my favourite things. Like when a favourite actor takes on a favourite book adaptation and both come out of the mix substandard. Hot chocolate and cheese took a chance on my taste buds and came out severely lacking. They are the Leonardo DiCaprio and Great Gatsby of gastronomy. I love them so much separately, but together, disappointing.

In conclusion it was just too good to work, don’t mix dreams, you’ll just end up disappointed.



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