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See Colombia Travel

See Colombia Travel

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I’ve taught English as a foreign language on and off for about three years now. I absolutely love teaching, I really do, but my first love is always going to be travel. Because I love travel so much, its always seemed natural to me to write about my travel experiences, for myself, my friends and family and for anyone with a passing fancy to have a nosey at. For the last couple of years Ive been blogging about where Ive been and what Ive been up to. Recently Ive realised that I enjoy doing that a whole lot and if I enjoy doing something that much just for fun it might be something that Id like to do in the future. The thing is that travel writing is not an easy profession to get into, in fact getting into any professional writing jobs can be pretty daunting and difficult. With that in mind and with teaching, a job that I do enjoy, to support me I started looking for any way of getting experience with travel companies.

At university we were always pushed to network, network network, so when I saw Chris, the See Colombia editor, looking for a room on a Bogota forum I (only slightly creepily) messaged him asking about his path taken into the glamorous world of travel writing, he told me about the internship with See Colombia, a hasty CV was cobbled together and now I find myself working for Colombia’s premier travel blog!

Trawling through internet job adverts : 0  

Minor Facebook stalking : 1

Honestly I would of worked for any kind of travel or writing company, anything to get some experience and see if I actually even want to pursue that path. Luckily for me See Colombia Travel is a genuinely awesome company (and I’m not just saying that.)

Voted the best blog in Latin America in 2013 the See Colombia Travel blog was created by people that genuinely have  a passion for Colombia. The team is made up of Colombian and foreign writers all of whom are passionate about Colombia and smashing the outdated stereotypes that in the past have overshadowed the wonderful things about Colombia.

I am so excited to be interning for this awesome company, if you are interested in coming to Colombia, learning more about the country or just looking at some beautiful pictures and reading some well written, clever, interesting and often funny articles then I would completely recommend that you check out the blog.

Also, y’know, I’m managing a fair bit of the social media, so if you fancied popping over to Facebook and “liking” the page (link helpfully included) or hopping over to Instagram and following, that’d help me out, new job and all that . . .


See Colombia Travel Link





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