Colombia loves cheese . . . with everything.

When I lived in China one of the things I missed most from the UK was cheese. In England we have AMAZING cheese. Red Leicester, stilton, cheddar without even starting on European cheese; brie, gruyere, edam, camembert and the list goes on and on. I love cheese and I thought I used cheese excessively. At university I had the theory that there was no meal not improved with a sprinkling of cheese. Pasta, mashed potato, chicken, beef, soups all improved with a gooey, melty cheesy topping. It seems that I’ve finally found a country that agrees with me and may even be considered as taking this cheesy obsession to extremes.

Colombians love cheese, but not only with savoury dishes. You can find cheese hiding at the bottom of your hot chocolate sneaking into your oblea or languishing on top of your ice cream. Yesterday I had a crepe with caramel sauce and cheese (it was fabulous) and today I accidentally went a step further. I bought a cup of fruit from a street vendor. It looked like a fruity ice cream sunday but the topping that I had initially taken for grated coconut turned out to be lashings and lashings of cheese.

I have to be honest here, I loved it. It was delicious. It cost me 60p ($1) and was weirdly awesome.

Mmmm how will I ever eat fruit and yoghurt without cheese again?

Mmmm how will I ever eat fruit and yoghurt without cheese again?


While its not quite a gooey chunk of camembert or a delightfully putrid stilton I’m loving the Colombian way of sweets with cheese. If you’re in the UK or USA or any other country which relegates cheese to the savoury side of the food chain, I DARE you. Go and put some cheese on your dessert, you might just like it . . .



4 responses to “Colombia loves cheese . . . with everything.

  1. Haha, that’s hilarious. I too am a cheese lover. It’s one of the things I missed the most during my travels in Southeast Asia. That’s awesome that cheese is such a big part of Colombian cuisine. And I LOVE that they add it to sweets. It’s looking more and more likely that I’ll be heading there soon … if so, I can’t wait to try these cheesy Colombian delights!

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    • You have to! I’m in love with it. With arequipe particularly it’s delicious. It’s a kind of caramel sauce made from condensed milk. Fab with cheese.
      Ah you will have to let me know when you’ll be visiting, I’ll reccomended a million things!!


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