What would I do without my Dad?

What would I do without Dad.


Having incredible dance moves obviously runs in the family.


As a well travelled, educated 23 year old woman there are a lot of things I can do. I travel alone, sort out work for myself, rent apartments and generally organize myself but as an eternally disorganized, spontaneous and often spur of the moment person there is also a large skill set that I lack.
I’m not sure when it happened, but my younger sister at some point surpassed me in responsibility. Jasmine is organized, responsible with money and forward thinking. She always has been really, I remember summer holidays when she could come back with more pocket money than she went with. But at some point, unsurprisingly, Jasmine has become the older sister. My little brother Harry is 11 and I’m sure he’ll be surpassing me soon also.

So no matter how much of an independent 23 year old I like to tell myself that I am. It is always wonderful to have the support of my parents. Mum has unlocked my bank account and accumulated medical advice for me more times than I can count and Dad, well Dad gets to deal with transport, general pennilessness and mental breakdowns. ( Did I mention I’m not great at handling money and occasionally life?)

I’m currently in the process of rearranging some flights back to the UK from Colombia. A task which due to my general and ongoing lack of funds has fallen to Dad. And it’s been noticed that I have never had a trip which has gone totally smoothly. I have always managed to become stranded, without money, with late flights, unhooked flights or missing some form of transport. Largely the responsibility of getting my chaotic self back in one piece has tended to fall to my Dad. The fact that I am not currently living in a box in London, stuck in China without a visa or hiding from the police due to having to resorted to petty crime to pay back my overdraft is largely thanks to my Dad.
I’m learning, I’m becoming better, but it’s a curve. I am a very fortunate person. It’s not just the money that my Dad is willing to help me with but it’s just having him there. To help me when I don’t feel capable and 23. For the times when I feel like a thirteen year old stuck in a strange city without the bus fare to get home.

It’s wonderful to have someone to one hundred percent rely on. People have parents, siblings, friends and partners to be there for them when they are feeling totally lost. For me it’s my Dad. My port in a storm, my constant rock and my safety net.
I just wanted to let him know how much I appreciate everything he does. I hope he knows that. Even when it’s 3 am and he has work the next day and I’m being crap, dicking about and having absolutely no helpful input. When he has to spend his Saturday sending me money through Western Union and getting his card blocked. When I call him stranded and penniless or even just when I feel ( as I so often do) that I’m not sure about the direction my life is taking.

I am always very thankful to have his help and unwavering support, I just thought I’d like to really tell him how much I appreciate having him be there for me.

I work hard and I love my life. I love to travel and explore and it is in no small part thanks to my Dad, his hard work, love and constant support that I have the opportunities I do.

A soppy post, but one that is well overdue.


Me, Jazz and my Dad in Shanghai, its obvious from whom I get my sense of adventure.


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