10 things I miss about Colombia

It’s been almost two weeks and I’m starting to get used to not being in Colombia any more. I’ve almost had my fill of all the English treats that I’ve missed while I’ve been away. Bread and hummus have been chomped down, Maltesers demolished, Dr Pepper supped and hobnobs guzzled down at an alarming rate, all with a good sweet cups of proper builders tea.

I’m back in lovely Bournemouth this summer for my second go working as a house parent at an international summer camp, a job that I’ve been looking forward to returning to since it ended last summer. Its great to be back but I am super busy and am having slight feelings of withdrawal from my computer. For that reason I doubt you’ll be hearing much from me for the next five weeks, until I put the last kid on the bus to the airport.

Its amazing being back, seeing everyone, this glorious soggy and unpredictable English weather. I am though starting to miss the odd thing about Colombia. Admittedly, I’m a greedy girl and a lot of what I miss is consumable.


Here is my top ten list of things I miss about Colombia.

1. Getting taxis

Or more specifically being able to get taxis without having to consider selling my internal organs. My god, taxis are expensive in the UK.

2. Watching Bogota

My favourite street performer in the Candelaria

My favourite street performer in the Candelaria

Whether it was street screaming matches that I didn’t understand, rappers on the bus, tiny ladies trying to control a million dogs or just the weird and wonderful to me, daily occurrences of living in a place so foreign to me. I miss the everyday weirdness of the city.

3. Being special and English

I was unusual, I was considered fancy, from a far-off world of Harry Potter, tea parties and the queen. In England I am unexceptional, no one parrots my “cute British accent” and I am more likely to be found dining on Quavers and Dr Pepper than scones with clotted cream.

4. Busettas

I must be losing it but I miss Busettas. I hate having to find a bus stop and look up timetables when I could hail a busetta on the street, pay barely anything, get dropped off right next to where I was going and all with the soundtrack of the drivers loud and out of tune singing.

I haven’t quite got to the point of missing the transmilenio though.

5. My lovely workmates

Some of the lovely people I worked with.

Some of the lovely people I worked with.

My job was not perfect by far, often it got me really annoyed but it was the people I worked with and my students that made me stay as long as I did. I miss them all!

6. Arepas

Nom nom nom

Nom nom nom

Oh I miss Arepas. Breakfast arepas with cheese, drunken stumble home arepas, hangover arepas, only have  £5 to survive for the rest of the week arepas. And all tasted amazing.

7. Empanadas

Speaking of Arepas, I have to mention my other firm cheapo favourite, Empanadas. With carrot, chicken and mushroom, pineapple and ham, rice, egg and pretty much anything someone inventive has thought to stuff into one.

8. Oh sod it, the food in general.

My mouth is watering just looking at the picture.

My mouth is watering just looking at the picture.

I miss bandeja paisa, chocolate con agua, caldo de costilla, and I’d rip a mans arm off for a steaming bowl of Ajiaco.

9. Watching the World Cup

The greatest celebration dance ever.

The greatest celebration dance ever.

I have never liked football but I loved watching the world cup in Colombia. There is something that the English need to take from the Colombians about actually enjoying the football, rather than just moping when they don’t win. I liked the little bar in Cartagena where every time there was a goal a guy at the bar would blast out celebratory salsa and everyone started hugging, jumping and screaming. We need to bring the love back to the beautiful game.

That and I’m a bit in love with James Rodríguez.

10. Dancing

Or just the music, the sounds of latin music drifting out of shops and cars wherever you go. I’m currently sat in a coffee shop with some smooth jazz in the background and it just isn’t doing anything for me. I want Salsa, Merengue damn I’d even take some Reggaeton!


4 responses to “10 things I miss about Colombia

  1. How fantastic that you were able to spend time in Colombia! There’s nothing like an arepa y queso for breakfast, and I’m extremely jealous that you got to watch the WC while there!! I’m headed back in December and I can’t wait!!!


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