Tick Tock Unlock- probably the most fun I’ve had as an adult.

It’s great being back in the UK not least because I got to be reunited with my Lizzi. We met when we were 5 and have been obnoxiously close friends since we were 13. In fact we must be coming up to our ten year anniversary. We have hugely different lives these days. I’m a travel hobo and Lizzi is a genuine home-owning, cake baking, car driving, crocheting, career ladder climbing grown up. That makes her sound quite grown up and Kirsty Allsopp-y but we’re both pretty much the same silly 13 year olds, just now we can drink wine. So this time when I was home we wanted to do something exciting to celebrate.

Instead of the usual movie and several bottles of ‘spoons wine we wanted something a bit different. We looked around and found the wonderful Tick Tock Unlock.

Looking pretty damn smug after the euphoria of our escape.

Looking pretty damn smug after the euphoria of our escape.

The creators describe Tick Tock Unlock as being . . .

 . . . a simple and exciting real life escape game designed for small groups of 3-5 people. You only have one goal: escape from the room in 60 minutes by solving a series of puzzles, unravelling clues, and working together as a team to reveal the darkest secrets that have never been shared. Are you ready to put your wits to the test?

When was the last time you were full on, adrenaline racing, screaming like a child, running round not caring how you looked, what happened excited? When was the last time you felt like that for a whole hour? Well, it was 59 minutes and 6 seconds for me to be exact.

The problem with trying to write about this experience is the opposite that me and Lizzi experienced after, but it kind of faces the same issue. We had both been in the room, we had both played the game. So all we could do was do these kind of stupid cheesy grins and go

“Ah that was so good, wasn’t it good?”

“Yeah it was good.”

“My god, so good.”

” Yeah really good”

An intelligent and eloquent exchange indeed.

The problem with telling other people is the opposite. The bits that made it amazing were the secrets, the spoilers, the bits that if given away wouldn’t give the same effect.

Hopefully you can tell from this glowing and yet ambiguous review I could not recommend a visit to Tick Tock Unlock more and I’m going to have to leave it at that.

It will completely spoil the experience if I tell you about it. So I won’t.

I won’t tell you anything else apart from the fact that it had two 23 year old women whooping, screaming and hugging each other after just 59 minutes and 6 seconds.

Yeah, that’s right, worth mentioning. We got out of the room. The first two person team to do so, EVER! With a cool 54 seconds left on the clock.

That’s mine and Lizzi’s record. Can you beat it?

If you ever trust a little voice on the internet for anything, don’t let it be the one asking for your credit card details to see nudes, or the one on a medical site telling you that your headache is a brain tumour, let it be me. Follow my advice and let yourself be locked in a dodgy little room in central Leeds and have a ridiculously fun and stressful hour.

It is pricey, but the experience is unique and just so enjoyable. For teambuilding, fun with a friend or a high risk first date you should definitely test your mettle and see how you cope in the UK’s premiere real life escape game.

At the time of visiting the creators of Tick Tock Unlock were considering moving to other premises. For an up to date address, price list and details of how to book, click here.


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