Jess hasn’t really been around much recently.

Its been quite a while now since I’ve written anything new, due to some family circumstances I’ve decided to take a year off moving round and have been living at home, spending some well deserved time with the family & giving my passport some time to rest itself.

Because I’ve been at home, I haven’t really been writing, I started this blog to document my journeys, amuse and maybe even give other travellers a few helpful bits of information, so it seemed counterproductive to me to turn it into a daily record of my (currently relatively unexciting) day to day life. I’ve realised recently though, particularly after a brilliant week away with friends that I’m looking at this break all wrong. I enjoy blogging, it gives me pleasure and just because I’m not travelling, it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be exploring, adventuring & living. Like the poet Konstantinos Kavafis who in Ithaka outlined the idea that its the journey that we have to focus on rather than our destination, or Miley Cyrus in her infinite wisdom who crooned to us that “its the cliiiiimb” I’m realising that you cant take a break from life when youre meant to be enjoying every day. I’m taking a lesson from that twerking tart and am going to try & focus more on the good stuff, the now stuff.

I’m not backpacking, living abroad or travelling, but this month I’ve eaten at great restaurants, visited interesting bars, been on a wonderful skiing trip with friends and been to some beautiful places. So the tone of this blog is likely to change for the moment, it’ll likely be more tabbies than tigers, more rolling hills than rollocking waves and more teashops than trekking but I’m hoping it’ll still be interesting & funny, if it ever was.

Thank you for bearing with me.


Jess x x x



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