Last year it was awesome to be called Elizabeth Gallagher, for those of you who missed this story, after breaking up with his girlfriend and with an upcoming round the world trip in her name. Jordan Axani posted his story online & went viral searching for a girl with his ex girlfriends name who could legally take the previously booked tickets. Read about it here.

Another year and another story of airlines refusing to change names, leaving their customers out of pocket. This time it pays to be called Jonathan Williamson.


This is me & the lovely Helen Jackson. I met Helen while working with her at an international summer school. Helen is a fantastically gutsy young lady who is quite fairly pretty fucked off that after her relationship ended she was unable to change the name on her exes ticket. She is now left with unusable tickets to Thailand and South Korea.

Helen booked her trip in September with Airasia and after her relationship ended in November she was unable to alter the name on her ticket. Even though Helen tried to change the name on her ticket in plenty time before her flight, she was still refused this simple service. The act of easily altering the name on a computer. Helen has appeared on London Live Teatime show & the Capital fm breakfast show to share her story and hopefully find a new Jonathan Williamson who is looking for a bit of adventure.

Airlines claim that they refuse to alter ticket names for two basic reasons airline policy & security.

I’m not buying it. These reasons are crap. Airlines quote security when it seems to be a purely financial motivation. When tickets are cancelled without refund airlines are able to resell the booked seats, often for a higher price, essentially gaining pure profit for a twice sold commodity. Helen purchased her tickets in September and tried to alter the name in November. What is the difference between altering the ticket name in November, SIX MONTHS before flying and buying a ticket originally in November. This is completely unacceptable and while this whole saga of finding Jonathan Williamson is a bit of fun it does raise a conversation about the unfair and arbitrary rules imposed by airlines. Lets not let them get away with reselling this seat and cheating Helen, lets find Jonathan Williamson 2.0 and also hopefully make airlines consider the validity of the policies they have in place regarding altering passenger names.

If you , or anyone you know, has the luck of being Jonathan Williamson and is available to receive a free flight between the 1st to the 16th of April please comment below & get in touch with Helen. I mean, honestly, if I thought it’d suit me, I’d probably change my name by deed poll. I just don’t look like a Jonno.
Helen is not looking for a replacement boi. Nothing romantic is expected, required or desired. Helen has family & friends in both Korea & Thailand and while cannot supply accommodation she is happy to help with organising your stay. Though I’m sure she’d love to grab a lovely cold Chang with you in Thailand or kickback with a cool Korean mekju and chat about how excellent it is for you that your parents called you Jonathan rather than Roland or Jeffrey.


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