Birch box, perfectly travel sized treats.

I don’t get a lot of mail, why would I? If it’s work it makes sense to email, friends are gonna text and if it’s my family checking to see if I’m alive they tend to call rather than send an inquisitive post card. So apart from circulars, advertisements and my old university asking me for alumni donations (ha, yeah right!) I’m left staring sadly after the postman as he walks away from me with armfuls of mail for luckier and more old fashioned communicators.

But, all is not lost, because now, once a month sitting on my doorstep is a package all for me. A surprise waiting to be ripped open & explored. A cosmetics lucky bag, a tester tombola a sample-sized extravanganza  you could even call it a reasonably priced selection of health & beauty products delivered to me once a month based on my personal online beauty profile.

The Birch box arrives with its selection of lovely treats.

I know, I know, this is meant to be a blog about travel about exploring far flung corners of the world not sitting at home in my cat pyjamas delighting over mini bottles of fancy lotions. I do have a (tenuous) link about how the Birch box is relateable to a travel blog & that is the beautiful portability of the perfectly sized products. Whether its for a weekend staying with a friend, roughing it in a muddy festival tent or just a touch of luxury around your very own house these little bottles of lovely give you the chance to try high end health and beauty products for yourself. Occasionally I fall in love & end up buying the full size product (looking at you Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish) but the majority of the time its just something new to play with or pop into my backpack, perfect for travelling. Perfect for portable luxury when there is no luxury to be found. I’ve been receiving the boxes for four months now and have gotten lotions and potions galore as well as mini & full size makeup samples, nail polish, tea, accessories, face masks and the occasional choccie bar.

My May Birchbox and the goodies it holds.

My May Birchbox and the goodies it holds.

Lets have a look at my May Birchbox

So most months the boxes have a theme tying them together which also affects the style of the actual box. There have been some really cute themes but I have to say that this one is currently in the lead for my favourite. Its the Free Your Mind box and its covered in a beautiful black and white doodle pattern, but better than that it has totally appealed to my inner and often uncontrollable child with a teeny packet of crayons. Its a colour your own box. Yay.

Inside I have a selection of treats; Wah London is spoiling me with a full size nail polish in LA Day. Number 4 supplies me with a fancy shmancy French reconstructing masque which I will be popping into my travel toiletries bag for when I’m feeling fatigued and in need of a little dermatological pick-me-up. From Claudalie there is tinted moisturiser, I have tried it, it’s loooovely and it will be perfect to throw in my bag for a weekend away without messing around with heavy full sized products. Mmm from Parlor I have the best smelling moisturising sea salt spray, its all almondy and delicious and again in its little bottle absolutely perfect for mornings rolling out of the shower & heading straight out whether to work or to lay in the sun. Sun willing or not I can play around with the bronzed goddess look with Caribbean Sun bronzer duo by Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics. A smallish compact perfect for low maintainance makeup. The final product is another masque, a sample sized tube this time, by Absolution it looks fantastic and I’m looking forward to having a try later before it gets hidden away in my overnight ready to go toiletries bag. Perfect for a quick refresh after long flights or long nights!

Lovely Birchbox treats

Lovely Birchbox treats

At £12.95 a month the Birchbox is a fun subscription box for anyone with a passing interest in makeup, having great skin or smelling divine. It sends a good selection of quality products and I have not yet received one where I haven’t felt the contents were a steal for the price of 12.95. The Birchbox samples & products are a wonderful way of having a little bit of luxury even while you are living out of a backpack or camping in a field and I love to play around with things that I would never really think to buy for myself. Each box contains a booklet about the products you receive and usually some kind of tutorial, the website too has loads of info for the cosmetically inclined of you who love to spend hours applying eyeliner along to youtube tutorials. That’s not my bag but the site also has a shop where you can buy discounted goodies and even earn money off by filling in product surveys. To have a look at the site  or if you want to send off for your very own Birchbox, the link is here.


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