Why China?

In 2012 I left university with little more plans than to get out and see something worth seeing. I packed my gigantic suitcase, bought a million guidebooks and set off terrified but more excited than ever. I wrote a diary of my adventures on a small travel blog site. Now I’d like to start pulling over that old writing and get it up on Jess Gets Around. This is old material, with a little editing, boring for those who have read my blogs from the beginning, those who would read my updates just to check on my survival (hopefully people have a little more faith in me now) but something I wanted to repost and make sure that it doesn’t disappear and get eaten up into some dusty corner of the internet where msn and myspace live, where I’ll never see it again.

Well its official, the tickets are booked and I will be leaving the UK for a year on September 8th.

Like many recent graduates I have found myself with limited job prospects in the UK, so up against the option of working in a call centre, I came up with the choices of travelling or penning a bestselling piece of literotica. I’m neither perverse nor patient enough to produce the next 50 shades of Grey, so travel it was.

I’m going to be living in working in Wuhan in Hubei province, China. I’ll be working as an English teacher in a large primary school. Wuhan seems to be a nice mix of old and new China, I’m sure I’ll have more to say about it when I finally get there.

On wandering through the China town district of Manchester on my trip to the visa office I found myself surrounded by several elderly Chinese people. This could have been a beautiful moment of consideration and acceptance of the lifestyle change I was soon to be making or to reflect on how different my life would be in a couple of months, but all my mind could come up with was “Christ they are going to think I am a giant monster”. I towered above these people. I had images of crowds fleeing while their drinks shudder in my wake.

Everytime I tell anyone about moving to china the first question I seem to get is Why China? My response tends to be ‘why not?’
I’m not totally sure why I chose China, here are some of the possible reasons I’ve come up with:

  • A nice fresh start

I want new adventure and a chance to experience new things also as a girl whose only real deal breaker with a man is that he should be exceeding 6 feet, I’m starting to think that my subconscious has decided to push me towards a country where the height of the men is likely to prevent me from being attracted to anyone. Maybe this is my subconscious shoving me in a celibate direction after a few pretty useless years spent on pursuing those who turned out to be a pretty big waste of time.

  • I love the food

Many comforting nights spent with flatmates and much deep-fried food from the local Canton kitchen might of created a hidden desire for China and its many culinary delights.

  • I really really want long fake bright pink bedazzled nails

As people keep telling me, oddly, apparently Chinese ladies are very good at nail extensions.

Anyway I am incredibly excited and looking forward to starting my new likely to be nun-like lifestyle. Lists are being made and disregarded at an impressive pace and I am being a real girl by continuingly worrying about which shoes to pack as I have a suspicion that the petite people of China will be unable to supply me with footwear suitable for my bulky clown feet.

So I suppose in conclusion to the question ‘Why China?’ I have three responses: because I needed the adventure, I bloody love sweet and sour chicken, I live to travel and because subconsciously I chose to eradicate my romantic life and take solace instead in my extended gem-encrusted claws.

The company with which I found my job in China was the aptly named  Teach English In China They were incredibly good. They provided a service which far surpassed many of the other companies my colleagues had used to come to China with. They provided pre-travel orientation as well as making sure we were supported in applying for visas and within the schools when we arrived. I cannot recommend them enough.

If you are interested in applying to work in China there is more information on my application process here.


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