How far can I get for €50? Challenging myself to travel for almost free. 

There seems to be this common misconception that travelling is expensive and not available to the average Alice. Only if you save a lot of money, meticulously plan and spend a tonne can you have the opportunity to have a fantastic backpacking experience. I do know some people that travel like this, saving up over years and planning excessively so they can have the most perfect six months or even one month away. And that’s great, but it is possible to just back up your bag and head off? I think you can and that’s what I’m planning on proving to myself, and maybe you, when I set off this Saturday with a one way ticket and €50 in my pocket. It has the potential to end in a weepy phone call and My dad western unioning me the money for a flight home, but I’m hoping that I can prove something to myself and see how travel can be accessible and amazing even with more limited funds. I have read a thousand blog posts about how to travel the world for free. They all seem wonderful in premise but I want to see just how achievable they are and whether I can still have fun without money to throw around.  

 Some of my favourite blogs about travelling for free

There are loads of fantastic blogs and articles out there about how to travel for cheaps or free but these are a few that keep me flicking back in my bookmarks for inspiration. 

The wonderful Nomadic Matt

This American Girl 

 This Guardian Article

One of the main ways they seem to recommend is teaching English abroad. I’ve taught English in China and Colombia before but they were both long term shebangs of six or twelve months. Five days ago I signed a contract for two weeks working in Italy at a language camp, that sorted out my paid flight out there and at the end of my contract I’ll be paid which will give me some safety net/ money to eat. From then on I’m going to be relying on friends sofas, couch surfing, hitch hiking, car shares woofing and workaway. I want to see how well I function without a plan and also hopefully show that travelling isn’t about the money or an exclusive thing, anyone can do it and maybe even have a better time by not having the cash to splash or a rigid plan. 

Have you travelled like this? Do you have any tips for me? Help me, advise me and possibly let me sleep on your sofa oh kind people of the Internet. 


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