The first stop on my €50 challenge – Teaching English in Abano Italy

It’s nerve wracking, the idea of staying in someone else’s home. The idea that you are a guest in the house of someone that you have never met before and may never have chosen to speak to and now you are stuck with them for two weeks. They might dislike you, you might dislike them, you may have no common language, maybe they are the kind of people who put the milk in before the cereal, they might resent your presence or you might find yourself with some of the most lovely and welcoming people you have ever met, like I did.

A stunning day in the beautiful city of Padua.[/caption]
You can experience a place while living in hotels, of course, but I feel so privileged to get to experience Italy through my lovely host family. It’s a totally different experience meeting their friends and family and seeing their country from their perspective rather from whatever I can glean from a guidebook.

The family I am staying with is one with two boys 11 & 14 one of whom is attending the summer camp that I’m working on. They’re both lovely and mostly keen to improve their English. Their parents, Julia & Andreas, are incredibly friendly and inclusive. I turned 25 two days ago and they organised a big meal at a local pizzeria with the other teachers at the camp and their host families. So I got to celebrate my birthday with real Italian pizza, Aperol, prosecco & a homemade birthday cake that Julia made. Perfection.

Chowing down on my giant capriciossi pizza.[/caption]

Mega happy smily cake faced birthday girl. whoever said 25 was too old to get excited about an M&M’s birthday cake? .[/caption]

I’ve been in Italy for one week on my €50 challenge and I’m still surviving, of course this was always going to be the easiest part of the trip with my accommodation and food being supplied for free. I am though having a fantastic time. Abano is beautiful, working with kids is great, my host family is awesome, gelato is glorious and to top it off it’s sunny and warm. What more can a girl from Doncaster ask for?

How the money is holding out – Week 1 

  • Post work completely necessary Aperol Spritz cocktails x 4 €12
  • Gelato €2.50
  • Swimming x2 €11
  • Bottle of water €2

Spent €27.50
TOTAL LEFT: €22.50


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