The hills are alive, with the sound of my heavy breathing & wheezing.

It was a pretty active weekend for me. After the day in fair Verona on the Saturday on Sunday I found myself on a much different adventure. Layering on my frankly unsuitable clothes, squeezing into a pair of borrowed boots and being driven to the pre Dolomites mountains. I’m not necessarily the sportiest of girls *obscenely large understatement* and it’s been a while since I’ve done any legitimate hiking so it was a challenge to pull in my gut and get myself up the 950 metre incline over around 8kilometres that got us to the top of this glorious mountain range from where you could see all of the Veneto laid out below.

I’m actually just going to shut up for once and let the pictures speak for themselves, because really, just look at these views. . .


It’s just one more fantastic opportunity that I got to experience thanks to my lovely lovely host family.

UPDATE: the previous day’s pain was nothing. On Tuesday I could barely move my legs.

Note to self: next time stretch, moron.


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