Goodbye Abano, it’s been a blast.

So my time in Abano has come to an end, my contract with the summer school has finished, I’ve said goodbye to my awesome students, wished my fellow teachers well on their return to the UK and with heavy heart bid farewell to my incredibly host family. I’m sure I’ll be seeing them again, there’s already talk of their son coming to the UK to practise his English with my little brother and get to visit England so I’m sure that we will remain in contact. I have absolutely loved staying with these wonderful people who have made me feel part of their family and shown me the best of their town. I feel like I’ve made some real friends rather than just been provided with somewhere to sleep for the last fortnight.  

The amazing Sarocco family


But, of course, it’s onwards I must go and after hours of perusing workaway and some major indecision I’ve booked a flight down to Sicily for Wednesday to work in a hostel for three weeks. The whole booking a flight five days before I travel thing doesn’t quite fit in with my super budget plan but the place looks beautiful, a gorgeous city with stunning beaches and some more sunshine. I’m heading to Venice for a few days before flying down so I’ll be staying in a super budget canvas tent a short shuttle bus from Venice island to counter my Ryanair splurge.

How the purse is looking – Week 2

  • My new favourite Aperol Spritz x3 – €9
  • Sandwich & coffee -€5
  • Gelato (one scoop chocolate and one coconut if you were wondering) -€3
  • Money found in birthday card from lovely Nana +€15
  • Two weeks wages for the summer camp + €746*
  • Flight to Palermo booked for Wednesday -€88.50



*this is actually hypothetical money as I don’t get properly paid until the end of September. I used my credit card to book flights and my hostel in Venice which I will be paying pack as soon as I get paid. Just to be honest 🙂 


4 responses to “Goodbye Abano, it’s been a blast.

  1. Sicily will be amazing. Definetly on my list of places to visit! Out of curiosity how did you land the teaching job at the summer camp?


    • I absolutely can’t wait for Sicily!
      It’s a British company that I’d worked for as a student when I was at university. They’re based in Norwich but you can apply online. They’re called The English Experience. I really like them and they hold two different sets of camps in the summer each year where you can get a job as a teacher or as an activity leader. I was activity leading which I loved. There are also loads of other companies that do camps in Italy. I’ve heard good things about ACLE but there are also so,e companies which pay their staff incredibly poorly so watch out! Hope this was helpful 🙂


      • Aw thanks for the info jess, def something for me to look into for next year then. Hope you enjoy Sicily and can’t wait to read about it!


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