So with my job in Abano finished I booked myself a super discount hostel *leaking tent and visited a city I’d loved back when I visited it in 2012. The incomparable Venice.

The thing that blew my mind the most about Venice is just how it’s made up. It took me a really long time to get my head around the fact that the city is water with some land, not land with some water. There’s just something very bewildering about Venice . In concept of course I knew that it was a city made from hundred of tiny little interlinked islands, but even forewarned with that information it was something I found hard to wrap my head round. I still do actually. 

This guy was definitely my favourite Venetian street performer. I remember doing this as a kid. New life goal: become master of wine glass playing.


In the end I find it pretty impossible to describe Venice. Which is a bit of a shame really as I imagine the main purpose of a travel blog is to adequately describe the places that you’ve travelled to. It’s just one of the ultimate cities to get lost in. With its tiny winding alleys that each seem to open onto some beautiful new find. It’s not really a place to party, though after an afternoon wandering around Venice I’d recommend a dip in the pool and a bit of a drink at Jolly, but for the sheer beauty of the place it’s a sure winner. 

 My advice

Sack off the main tourist points where you’re only going to get elbowed and harassed and walked into. Instead eschew a map and try to get yourself properly lost. I will never be able to over recommend getting fantastically lost somewhere to discover it properly. No maps, just walking, wandering and looking around. Then stop for a cafe/ spritz/ whole chocolate cake and start the process again.

How the budget is looking post – Venice

Staying at Jolly for 3 nights -€28

Transport in and out of Venice -€7

Food and drinks for the last three days – €19

Miscellaneous bits and bobs €7

Getting paid two weeks earlier than you were expecting = priceless

TOTAL = €603


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