In Sicily, eat. Or bake if you’re bored and poor.

I’m still in Palermo and still loving it here. It’s a bit of a strange change of pace for me working rather than touristing hard. It particularly feels a bit weird getting into actually living here rather than trying to make the most of every minute seeing the sights and doing the obligatory city check list. As people seem to visit Palermo at the beginning or end of their trip to Sicily as its so convenient for onward transport their stays are usually fairly short. The time they’re here they’re usually trying to squeeze in as much as possible. Whereas a lazy wander around the market, lengthy lunch and afternoon reading in the park with a few drinks in the evening is a bit more my speed.
Trying to make the most of my money I’m also trying to eat in the hostel as much as I can which has lead to a whole host of scrimping culinary adventures as I try to concoct edible meals from food that’s been left in the hostel by departing guests. The afternoon shift is also kind of slow, a lot of waiting around and being available to guests if they need help and keeping the hostel shiny and ship shape. 

This afternoon, with little to do, I thought I’d try to expand my culinary horizons and do a little baking. In the UK The Great British Bakeoff is in full swing and my Facebook feed is clogged with it putting me in quite a cakey kind of mood. I scoured the fridge and cupboards and managed to scrape together the ingredients to make an Italian yoghurt cake. I had a look at a few recipes, shrugged my shoulders and started indiscriminately and chaotically throwing stuff into a mixing bowl, working off of about four recipes and made a peach and cinnamon yoghurt cake. 

Thought I’d share my creation 🙂 

 So I guess it means cake for breakfast tomorrow in the hostel.
If you want to make a slightly more conventional cake then one recipe that seems pretty close to what I had a go at is the goddess Nigella’s Yoghurt cake recipe. I threw in peaches and cinnamon, because I’m a rebel like that, and baked it in a round tin rather than a bundt tin because, y’know, hostel kitchen, and it turned out pretty well. Tastes pretty damn good and filled the hostel with that homey nana smell of freshly baked cake.


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