The cathedral of Palermo

I’m running a little behind with my blog posts about Palermo. This is just a quick one about the cathedral. 

It’s an absolutely stunning building and this is probably one of those posts where it’s better to let the photos speak for themselves. 


The crypts and royal tombs of Palermo cathedral

 Entry to the cathedral is free but there are a selection of different tickets to visit different areas. I paid €7 for a full entry ticket that allowed me to visit the roof area, crypts, royal tombs and treasury. It’s €5 to go up to the roof which in my opinion is a must-do so you might as well throw in the extra two and have a look around the crypts and tombs. 

The view from the roof is stunning, it’s an amazing 360 degree view of Palermo stretching from the sea to the mountains. We visited around 5pm which was perfect with the sun just starting to drop over the city.


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