Five things I’m going to miss about Palermo

It’s finally arrived, the time for me to leave Palermo. After one wonderful month living in this fantastic Sicilian city I’ve packed up my bag, waved goodbye to the hostel and and am currently sat on a Ryanair flight some 35,000 feet above the Meditteranean sea. I’m excited for the rest of my trip, I’m going to be visiting some new places, old favourites and I’ll be seeing some friends and family along the way. I’m still a bit gutted to be leaving Palermo though, it’s been a great month and I’m already pretty confident that I’ll return to Sicily in the future. 

There have been loads of things I’ve loved about staying in Palermo. I’ve tried to narrow it down to the top five things that I’m really going to miss about Palermo.

The food- of course the food. 


God, I’ve eaten a lot in Palermo. It’s been a bit impossible not to. Palermo is globally recognised as one of the best cities in the world for street food, with cheap, delicious and varied street food available on every corner of the city, how could you not make a but of a pig of yourself? With such a rich and varied culinary history the person who visits Palermo on a strict diet is definitely a masochist.  Food plays such an important part in the life of Italians, even more so with Sicilians. With some of the best street food in the world, incredible bakeries, gelatarias, restaurants and markets with an incredible array of faultless fresh produce its been a gluttonous adventure. I’ve dined on street food, scoured the amazing markets and stuffed myself close to bursting with pastas of all kinds. 

Arrancine, cannolo, spaghetti con ricci and porchetta are my absolute must-eats in Palermo, in fact, just eat everything, you really can’t go wrong.

The Vucciria

I love this scruffy market by day and drinking street by night. The downtown area running from the Vucciria down to Piazza Garrafello is my favourite place in Palermo post 11pm. With bars spilling customers onto the pedestrianised streets, €1.40 beers, competing DJ’s, friendly locals, dancing in the decrepit square, people from all over, perfectly polite drug dealers, sandwich stalls and midnight munchie street eats this run down area is my favourite spot to spend an evening in Palermo. 

The people

My little Palermo family! The wonderful, friendly, funny and welcoming Isabella and the Italian/Australian international rap star MC Giuliano-Jesu. As well as the other owner Claudio these guys were my amazing little hostel family in Palermo.

Just a few of the awesome people I met at The Mob House hostel.

I’ve met some great people in Palermo. From the amazing people I worked with to the guests who stayed with us. Whether they stayed for a night or for a week it was fantastic to get to meet and spend time with people from all over the world, all with their own stories and reasons for ending up with us in Palermo. There are definitely a few people from the hostel who I’m sure I’ll cross paths with again, I love knowing people all around the world!

Just wandering the city.

Could Palermo be more beautiful? this city is just stunning and is bursting with things to see.

I’m a big believer in getting to know a city by wandering aimlessly around it. Palermo is the perfect city for some aimless wandering. With its beautifully derelict decrepit buildings and impressive sculptures, churches and winding streets around every corner there is always something to see in Palermo. 

The fountain of shame


 This fountain is one of my favourite day time spots in Palermo, right next to the (also stunning) Quattro Canti is the Fontana Pretoria also known as the fountain of shame. Right next to three imposing churches these naked nymphs loll around this fountain brazenly. It’s a stunning work in marble and just makes me happy.

I might even miss the constant sounding of horns and cars seemingly playing a game with me called how close can I get without killing you. I might, but probably not.


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