Taking a break with a family holiday in La Manga

After almost two months of mooching about on very little money I jumped at the chance to get myself over to Spain to join my family on their October half term holiday.

As my youngest brother and sister are at school my dad and stepmum take the October break as an opportunity to get away and have their last bit of sun before the bitterly cold English winter takes over. This year, for the first time in a long while, me and my younger sister Jaz were both available to come along and have a proper family holiday. 

 Ah it was fantastic and just what I needed after the last week of drifting around with little money. My dad is a gem and booked us all in to a beach side four star in La Manga near Murcia to have some quality beach time. It was great to see the family after almost two months of being away and it was also amazing to not count the pennies and see whether I’d be eating dinner, with the hotel being full board. Glorious. 
My sister has been travelling around Poland, Hungary and Croatia (you can read her blog here, we’re a bit of a bloggy family now) so it was great to meet her in Murcia and travel down to La Manga together. I got to hear about her highly alcohol fuelled trip as well as hearing about her new obsession with the Holocaust from visiting Aushwitz and other sites in Poland. 
We feasted on hotel buffet, fresh fish and tapas delights as well as taking full advantage of the hotels complimentary wine at meals. I spent hours laying in the sun, swimming in the crystal clear yet slightly chilly sea and just having a proper relax with the family. It was a total change of pace from trying to soak up all the culture in any given city, packing in museums, cathedrals and other attractions to being in a place with little to do other than lay back, take in the sun and listen to the waves. 
I had a wonderful time in La Manga, it was so lovely to spend some proper family time and be spoilt for a week. My Dad is incredibly generous and I have to admit that I’m more than a bit spoiled by him. The point of this trip was to travel for as long as possible on as little money as possible. I guess this week didn’t exactly fit in with that philosophy but I don’t really care.  



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