You can’t eat the oranges in Seville

. . .  Even when they hang invitingly off of the tree towards you, a symbol of a tropical paradise. Because while literally the only knowledge I had about Seville before I visited was a vague understanding that it was famous for delicious oranges, that is completely untrue. Although the streets are lined with trees where the fruit hangs tantalisingly close to you they are sour and horrid and only good for being sent to the UK and made into marmalade. You can see the occasional floor orange hanging around with a big chunk missing as someone has obviously had a go and been hugely disappointed.

The oranges were my only disappointment in Seville, apart from maybe the weather but if you’re only disappointments are weather and oranges then surely you can’t be doing too badly.

Seville is beautiful, absolutely every corner you turn stunning. After the glorious week on the beach at La Manga me and my sister headed to Seville by blabla car to soak up the city and have a bit of culture after a week sunning ourselves. Seville did not disappoint with museums, cathedrals and beautiful places galore we were spoilt with choices. As a massive Game of Thrones geek the first and pretty much only solid on my list was to visit the water gardens of Dorne, also known to those of you living in a world without Lannisters, Starks, dragons and dire wolves as the Alcazar Reales. This amazing palace where the royalty of Spain still reside while in Seville was used as a filming location as the home of House Martell in the program and is so incredibly stunning on screen that I had to see it for myself.


The plaza de Espagnia is also well worth the visit. This building is purely stunning. Another place you might recognise from the screen as Naboo in Star Wars. It was built in 1929 for an expo showcasing Spain’s technology and industry and is a wonderfully showy testament to Sevilles culture and craftsmanship.


I have much love for Seville, it’s a great city that I really hope I get to return to and spend some more time in. We also had an amazing guide in the form of my sisters lovely friend Vicky who made sure we ate some amazing food, visited some of the coolest/cheapest/nicest bars and saw the sights of Seville. She was a super lovely and made our trip to Seville all the better.

The view from the roof at the travellers inn hostel at sunset.

My mega recommendations for Seville

Now obviously you’ll visit the Alcazar and the Plaza de Espagnia and all those fantastic things that trip advisor recommends. Here are the places that might not be high on your list of things to do in Seville but that I recommend. You really should add them to your list of things to see in Seville. 

  • Bolos Ice Cream

Oh yes yes yes!!! Coming from the land of gelato I had high high standards for ice cream when I arrived in Spain. Italy was a world of creamy frozen joy so I didn’t see how the ice cream here could ever measure up. It could, wonderfully. Bolos had some of the BEST ice cream I have ever had he joy and privilege  to lay my lips upon. Please please, give your taste buds this experience. Go to Bolos immediately.

  • 40cents bar near the mushrooms

The beer is 40c. 40c. Actually 40c. I just feel like anything over that plain and simple fact is unnecessary detail. 40c! If you don’t know what the mushrooms are just trust me that you’ll know them when you see them.

  • Garlochi- A super cool and creepy religious bar

Now sadly I went in here when I was already a little drunk and lacked the sense to take photos. It is genuinely the creepiest most novelty, religious, over the top bar I’ve ever seen. You’ve got to see it. Find here.


6 responses to “You can’t eat the oranges in Seville

  1. Lucky that I was warned about the oranges but my hotel had lavish quantities of marmalade Seville style 🙂 I stayed there for almost 5 days still felt it just wasn’t enough…Sigh! Totally get what you feel

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