Having a good day? Why not think about every time you’ve had your heart broken? The Museum of Broken Relationships-Zagreb.

It doesn’t sound tempting does it? You’re loving Croatia, wandering around stunning streets with charming scenery and this awesome laid back feel, drinking excellent coffee in funky little cafes and devouring Burek by the bushel and then BAM! Remember when you made yourself a duvet nest and ate an entire tub of Ben & Jerrys to nurse your broken heart?

The Broken Relationship Museum in Zagreb is quirky to say the least. A pretty small building in the upper town of Zagreb surrounded by more traditional art and historic museums houses a museum showcasing the physical remains of relationships past. This unique museum was originally a travelling exhibit and now has its permanent home here. It’s donated artefacts tell the stories of lost loves, betrayals and tragedy. A single stiletto is on a pedestal with the story of a BDSM prostitute who encountered her childhood love as a client. An aged post card sits next to the story of a proposal rejected by parents ending in a long ago suicide. Love notes, teddy bears, clothes and photographs sit along more unusual donations. A taser, tin car and bass guitar tell their own stories while abandoned CDs and PlayStation games tell more about the broken relationships of the modern age and the detritus that remains when a person leaves your life. The stories were not only lamenting lost romantic love and lust, but also the relationships that can fall apart between friends and family.

Damn it was sad. At a time when a hell of a lot of my exes are now married and friendships can start to change and break apart it was all a little brutal, but it was uplifting as well. A lot of the stories in the museum were about acceptance and moving on, people donating these physical reminders because they were no longer clinging on to their old relationships.
It’s a must visit for sure, have a little sniffle at other peoples tragedy, laugh at the sweet stories and resign yourself to throw away the people from the past box that hangs around at the bottom of your wardrobe. I know I’ve got one, however sad that is. Things I didn’t want to throw away, full of old t-shirts, cards, tickets, photos, dried flowers, jewellery, beer lids, and a wooden goose. Maybe I’ll donate them to the museum.

The Museum of Broken Relationship is 40kuna for entry and well worth it for a unique, if a little heart rending experience. It is easily walkable from the main square in Zagreb and the area around is beautiful and worth exploring in its own right. Look for the whale! 




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