Back on the road in Croatia

It’s been a while but I’m back up and off again. After some time at home and some time working in Portsmouth, a flight was booked, clothes were haphazardly thrown together and I found myself touching down in Croatia.

I spent just one day alone in Pula, I needed it. I wandered in the sun, read my book, sat on the beach with my toes in the water contemplating life, drank wine in a cafe, put myself first, did all that pretentious travel goddess decompression stuff before I got hit by hurricane Sue. 

Sue is awesome, lets preface this bit with that seeing as I did just refer to her as a hurricane. Within 30 minutes of meeting Sue my plans of spending a few days alone in narcissistic life contemplation were dismantled and I was staying another day in Pula, visiting some local island I’d never heard of, renting bikes and then coming to stay with her in her apartment in Zagreb. Thank God really.


Cycling around Brijuni

The island Sue dragged me to was Brijuni, a small island near Pula. We travelled to Fazana by bus and then caught a fifteen minute ferry to the islands. As the island is a national park the entrance fee (including ferry) was 170kuna, this price included a full tour of the island although you are not obliged to take it. The archipelago is two stunning islands the bigger of which you can visit. It’s a naturally stunning place that became famous as the private retreat of Tito, former Yugoslav leader who used the island to entertain world leaders and celebrities and house his exotic selection of animals gifted from all over the world ( fun fact: among gifts of lions, tigers and elephants the UK sent over some Shetland ponies) the island still houses a lot of these animals and there is a pretty nice safari area set up for them. The more exotic animals were relocated to Zagreb zoo in the nineties, leaving a pretty spooky abandoned zoo, but Lanka the elephant and the apparently famous Koko the parrot still remain.


We rented bikes for 50kuna and explored the island ourselves, sneaking up on the huge hares, deer and peacocks that roam freely. Obviously we got a bit lost, my track record with map reading is pretty poor so we pretty much ended up exploring the whole island. Not intentional but it was stunning. 

So after a gorgeous few days in Pula, trip to the island, a stop off in rainy Rijeka, I arrived in Zagreb. There’s going to be lots more posts but that’s me sort of caught up for now. It’s nice to be blogging again. This ones been a been of a hectic mishmash of information but I’ll get back into the flow soon.


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