Bled, first stop in a whirlwind trip to Slovenia

Lake bled I love Slovenia, really. This place is stunning and so undervalued as a country to visit in Europe. I stayed here for just two days and it was no where near enough, I’ll definitely be stopping by again in the future. 

We arrived in Ljubljana to cold, drizzle and fresh snowfall growing grimy on the sides of the roads. Tourists and locals seemed to look at each other in disbelief and whisper some version of “it is meant to be spring, it was 18 degrees a few days ago” just my luck. We jumped straight onto the bus that would take us into the mountains to stop off to see the famous alpine lake Bled. 

As soon as we arrived in Bled we had to sample their famous cream cake. With layered custard and thick cream it is sort of a fancy vanilla slice and it was of course, as things full of cream and sugar usually are, freaking delicious.  

We then had the extremely good fortune of asking the exact right man for directions to Bled castle as he invited us to hop in and he drove us up the hill to the castle atop it. It’s not a huge walk, but there are a lot of steps and I am almost dangerously lazy so it was pretty good luck. From there we took in the snow laden trees and thick mist that hung over the mountains. The weather wasn’t the best but it was actually pretty nice to see the lake and island in White Christmas mode. 

I took a billion and one photos around Bled. Sadly a billion and one of them failed to capture the beauty of this place so I’ll just show you a few of the better ones. It really was a prime example of something being so incredibly jaw droppingly beautiful and then looking plain and drab on camera. 

This incidentally, is also the reason I look so crap on pictures. 

The bus from Ljubljana to Bled was €12.30 return and took around one hour and twenty minutes each way. Castle entry is pricy at €10 but you really do get the best view of the lake, island and surrounding area so I’d tend to recommend it to anyone except the most frugal of travellers.


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